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Gypsy Roots Gets Local: Elite Jewelry

I don't know about you, but I think it's pretty awesome we have a Master Jeweler in Jasper, GA! Darrell D. Pugh is the owner of Elite Jewelry located in the Jasper Mountain Highlands shopping center off Hwy 515. Darrell describes Elite Jewelry as your premiere North Georgia jewelry store; offering a wide selection of fine jewelry and watches to suit anyone's needs.

However, Elite Jewelry is way more than just a place to shop for your bling bling. They offer in-house jewelry repair and specialize in custom jewelry designs which are handmade by Darrell himself. (MASTER Jeweler, remember?)

I had the pleasure of asking Darrell a few questions for Gypsy Roots Gets Local and I enjoyed receiving his responses:

Q: What inspired you to open your business? What are you passionate about?

A: I am passionate about jewelry- especially being able to create a piece of my own. I have been in the jewelry business for over 35 years and still enjoy it to this day. In 2007, Elite Jewelry hired me to do their custom jewelry designs and jewelry repairs. The next year, when the store became available for purchase, there was no question- I wanted to buy the store and keep it going. I believe Elite Jewelry has a lot to offer Jasper and the surrounding cities.

Q: What makes you different from your corporate competition?

A: Our in-house jewelry repairs & custom designs absolutely set us apart from other companies. Elite Jewelry is one of the few jewelry stores in the area that does not have to send your personal jewelry out to someone else to be repaired. Also, we can completely customize a jewelry piece for you from start to finish. We can take pieces of unworn or outdated jewelry and create a new piece of jewelry that you will love to wear!

Q: Why should locals or North Georgia tourists shop or do business with you?

A: Elite Jewelry is a reputable, honest & trustworthy jewelry business with a good reputation around town. We will make sure you receive courteous customer service, seamless jewelry repair work & a great sales price that will keep you coming back.

Q: Why is Supporting Local important to you and your business?

A: Supporting Local is very important to any small business. Without you as our customers, we as a collective are no one. We pride ourselves on being able to take care of our customers in any way we can. Elite Jewelry has helped out with and participated in many fundraisers, 5k walks, sports tournaments and local contests. We love to support Jasper just as much as they have supported us throughout the years.

Q: Name some local businesses you like to frequent & why.

A: For breakfast, nothing beats a homemade biscuit from Mary Ann’s Restaurant or The Biscuit Marker. For my prescriptions, I trust none other than Jack Dunn at Jasper Drug Store. He honestly just wants to see everyone get better and you can feel that when you talk with him. One of our favorite stores that my staff loves to shop for their clothes is Gypsy Roots located just a few doors down from us.

Aww, shucks. :) Thanks, Elite Jewelry! It was wonderful learning more about your business and having the opportunity to spotlight Elite Jewelry to the residents of Jasper, GA and surrounding areas. The Gypsy Roots team wishes your business much success!

Contact and Connect with Darrell and the Elite Jewelry staff!

Instagram: @elitejewelry1

Phone: (706) 253-6576

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